Wednesday, April 2, 2008

How To Be The Funniest Guy In The Room

Tonight i'm thinking, so what's the part that makes some jokes made someone laugh hillariously super funny, while in truth, the joke itself is not really funny? What is the secret of making someone laugh beside the joke itself?

The secret is i'm sure people already know. But if you didn't know and really wanna know, let me tell you the secret. It's how you tell it.

How To Tell A Funny To The Pants Joke

1. Intonation Is The Big Key

Try this one. Go to your friends now, and tell him the funniest story in your mind. I don't mind if it's something that happen about 10 or 15 years ago, just run and tell him the story. And one thing for sure, i want this story you tell your friends to be the funniest story in your mind, that even with only remembering it, you will go laugh to the bottom of the floor. Now tell him with a veeery flat intonation, with a face looks like it's nothing interesting, and tell me what's the response. I can make sure, more than half of the people you tell joke with this way will not even smile with your joke. But yet, some might still think it funny, but not laugh as hard as your laugh. So what's the problem? I'm sure you can guess, it's the intonation!!!!

When you're talking to someone, you're not just talking! You're exchanging idea and mind. Now imagine you're doing presentation in front of your boss and all the biggest client in your company. The first thing to make best presentation is you have to believe and regard the idea as the best thing that happen for your company. If you didn't think like this, i can guarantee 100% the presentation will be like hell to you and your company, and the next big thing you found on your table is firing letter from your dearest boss. Now, it's the same as telling a joke!!!! When you're telling a joke with very flat intonation, you're exchanging something that according the feeling of someone you talk to, not funny even to yourself. So try to talk with the best intonation, using the right key on your voice will make sure they get your point. This is the first step on making yourself the funniest guy in the room.

2. Timing is The Doorlock

Remember the last time you try to fried some chicken when the cooking oil's not hot enough yet? Yep, it surely become the biggest mess in your house since your mother in law. Bad timing, means bad everything. Try to watch and observe more about the condition in your room. As time goes by, you will know what's the best time to make a joke and what's the time to just talk to someone. So the key here, observe more.

3. Try Not To Joke About Everything, First

One of the biggest mistake about try to joke is that you're trying too much, and everyone become increasingly annoyed by your 'joke', and yourself. Joke is fun, as long as you know what to joke. If you are really out of joke, then don't try to joke. Try telling your friends that you're really running out of funny things to said and want to talk about serious things now. It's actually the 4th tip on making yourself the funniest guy in the room.

4. Be Honest To Yourself, and Your Friends

So, after you know the three steps on becoming the funniest guy in the room, the 4th step actually involving you to be honest to yourself. If you feel your mood or your energy level aren't in the best shape today, don't try all the 3 steps above! Even with perfect timing, superb intonation and great selection of joke, if you feel not good that day, then the joke will not work. Trust me. So how to keep your funny guy image when you feel not good for joking?

5. Find Friends That Laugh On Almost Every Joke

This will help you through lots of problems about being funny guy. Having friends that always laugh in almost every joke you tell them, will raise your confidence and eventually makes your bad mood go away. And he can even help you improve your joke! Because really, the sixth tip can come from here, which is,

6. Confident Is The Door Itself

When you feel confident, you will always be comfortable to say anything to anyone. So keep your confident level high. How, you may say. Well, you can follow the 5th tip. Or, you can fix anything that broke your confidence. And that's in different tips post. 

That's it. If you follow the 6th tips above, you can be the funniest guy in the room and will always be the one people looking for when they're in sober. Trust Me!

I Am Reviving This Blog

As adviced by some of my friends about wasting my 4 Google Pagerank, i decided not to waste them and turn this blog into some kind of a niche blogging practice.

I will work this blog in a day or so, re-edit all the sidebar item, organized things and so on and on.

I hope this will be my next main step on turning into problogger.